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The Contemplations, Rants & Reminiscences of DavidB327

Something Sensational To Read On The Train

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Never Mind The Parabollocks

I am relieved that the summer of sport is coming to an end.  I am totally fed up with people asking me if I have been enjoying the Paralympics.  For the record NO I HAVE NOT!!!  It is annoying when able bodied people opine on our behalf, and conclude that we will find this to be inspiring.  That is totally illogical.  To use a comparison with football, would a youngster watching teams in the lowest division be inspired to want to play at the highest level?  What is ispiring is when people rise above their limitations, and do something extraordinary.  We all have limitations.

The ‘athletes’ taking part in these events, some of which are absurd and demeaning, may well be enthuriastic about the competition.  However for the vast majority of disabled people, this constant reminder of our limitations does nothing to encourage an understanding of diversity.  Instead it encourages separation, not inclusivity.

Some of the events (such as equestrian, archery) are not so objectionable.  Others, such as wheelchair rugby and the more bizarre events conjured up by some imbecile, just result in disabled people being perceived as figures of fun.  Some of them really are creepy.  I hope that in 4 years time there will be a cull of the weird and totally ridiculous events.

I get the impression that many people are in agreement with me on this one, but are afraid to say so because of the fear of being accused of discrimination.  Well I have no such fear.  In any case, it had to be said.

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I agree with you darling XXX

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