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Punk Britannia

I have been quite impressed with the programmes in the ‘Punk Britannia’ TV seriees thus far.  It’s been well researched, and on the whole an accurate reflection.  It’s a refreshing change from the historical perspectives put together by 20 somethings only interested in pandering to a younger audience, and with little regard to what actually happened and when. 

The talking heads were the usual suspects of course, but quite why Billy Bragg was included is beyond me.  I wish he would give up with this ‘working class hero’ approach.  It was boring 30 years ago (as was his musical output), and just seems pathetic now.  The musical selection was good, butmissed out a few that I think shold have been included – especially The Slit’s, Penetration and The Only Ones.  Nevertheless that is a minor quibble, and at least they were mentioned.  Still to plug a few gaps, a selection of songs from the period that would have merited inclusion.  Technically The Saints shouldn’t be in there, but I like this one, and I think  they are largely forgotten.   In any case the Boomtown Rats should not have appeared, both from the perspective of quality and eligibility.  They were from the south of Ireland, which has not been part of the UK for some time.

Two of the songs feature the word “don’t” in the title.  That was symptomatic of the time, although less so than “bored”, but that’s fine with me.  There’s nothing wrong in defining your terms of reference.








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