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The Contemplations, Rants & Reminiscences of DavidB327

Something Sensational To Read On The Train

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What Makes You So Special Then?

I am at present in a heightened state of grumpiness, though some might suggest that this is BAU.  The impending lifetime achievement award for the symbol of inequality in this land is causing me to get increasingly irritated.  I see nothing to celebrate and, at a time of economic crisis across the world, it is beyond me why more people do not question the privileges bestowed on purely by virtue of birthright.    At the time of the last Jubilee, the anti-monarchy sentiment was articulated very nicely by John Lydon.  I would like to think he has not changed his opinion on this – I haven’t.


 A few years after this I went to an academic conference (in Cambridge).   A toast to the queen was announced after the conference dinner.  Everyone dutifully stood up (including people from non-commonwealth countries), and raised their glasses of port un in unison – well everyone that is apart from me.  I will not toast someone that has done nothing to deserve this, or pretend to support an institution that I disapprove of.  Oddly enough no one said anything, but I got plenty of filthy looks.  Well that is something I have got used to, though it’s not something I crave.

 I would suggest that it is time for a Britannia spring, except that this may be construed as being racist.  Celtic spring sounds good, but that does not include England (apart from Cornwall).  Unfortunately I do not believe that there’s a great deal of anti-monarch sentiment at the moment.  Some of this may be because people are afraid to express their true feelings, at least whilst the present monarch is on the throne.  Time will tell.

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Agreed, wholeheartedly.
Particularly glad to not be living in the UK at times like these and be expected to tacitly accept and revere that pointless drain on taxpayers that is the monarchy. Opinion polls for the monarchy and government actually rise due to 'celebrations' like these - it's just a big propaganda stunt - though people don't stop to wonder exactly who is footing the bill for it.

I like Morrissey's view of the royals: "the biggest benefit scroungers" in the country.

Exactly how they should be viewed - except that benefit scroungers don't get the top notch private health cover they do.

Oh, also in regards to whether John Lydon's opinion on the subject: http://www.theweek.co.uk/music/diamond-jubilee/47236/john-lydon-anarchy-bullies
The man's essentially part of the ruling classes these days anyway, that's enough to soften anyone's views. I gave up on them by the time I saw Sex Pistols perfume being sold in Sephora.

How disappointing, and I suppose fitting for the interview to be with the so called "new Labour" luvvy rag.

His comments on "God Save the Queen" are ludicrous, and reference to passive resistance irrelevant. Either he is in favour of the monarchy or he isn'tand back in 1977 it seemed the latter.

I at least am consistent.

I've just noticed that my FB friends list has decreased in size (I think with time I will manage to get over the public humiliation). I wonder if exercising my democratic right to free speech has upset an enthusiastic royalist? Well tough - you should have checked before friending me. I have made my views on this matter known on a number of occasions before now.

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