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The Contemplations, Rants & Reminiscences of DavidB327

Something Sensational To Read On The Train

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A Step In The Right Direction (Further Update)
It is very welcome news to hear that trans Australian citizens will now be permitted to be issued with passports with the non gender-specific ‘X’ in the sex field.


This will of course benefit those Australian citizens that do not identify as being either male or female, but it will also be of significance to non gendered people around the world.  This news has been reported across the world.  I have not checked that many of the reports, but I would hope that most are sympathetic rather than salacious.
The Australian decision will help with putting the case in other countries for making the 3rd option available.  There will still sadly be bigots that will try to prevent this from happening in the UK.  However I am confident that the sterling work that Christie is doing will result in real changes that will benefit non gendered people in the UK, and indeed across the world.
Any such changes in the UK will be achieved DESPITE the EHRC.  It is a great pity that this UK quango has in no sense been as supportive as its Australian counterpart.  It does make me wonder if the EHRC should not have been included in the ‘bonfire of the quangos’.  I doubt if there would be many people outside of that organisation that would be sad to hear about its demise.

Update 20-SEP-2011: Link to the latest update fro Christie is below.  This provides clarification on the situation regarding Australian passports, as there has been confused reporting in the media.  Also further comments on the EHRC.

Update 22-SEP-2011: So after the news from Australia, the Home Office has revealed that the option to apply for non gender-specific passports is being considered for UK passport holders.
This is really great news.  The fact that this is even being considered is due to the many years of long, hard work by Christie Elan-Cane.  Christie has persevered where others would have given up.  It is by being articulate, rational and extremely analytical that Christie has gained the respect of academia, and is now regarded as an authority.  These skills, together with tenacity, have enabled Christie to convince senior politicians and civil servants that the rights of non gendered people need to be taken seriously.
All this would have been futile without courage.  It has taken a great deal of courage for Christie to be so open about being none gendered.  Society is changed for the betterment of others by courageous people willing to speak out, whatever the consequences, where others would keep quiet.  Christie Elan-Care is one such person.