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The Contemplations, Rants & Reminiscences of DavidB327

Something Sensational To Read On The Train

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Para Bollocks
I dare say that it went largely unnoticed across the world, but yesterday was ‘International Paralympic Day’ (sic).  So what?  I am not impressed.
It was pointed out in the news reports yesterday that the Paralympics was something that the UK excelled at, and that we could all be proud of this.  I would beg to differ on this point.  It is because other countries do not attach the same importance, rather than inherent sporting prowess of the UK disabled community, that the UK does well in the Paralympics.  It is pathetic, and indeed humiliating, that disabled people are seen across the world playing these ridiculous games.
The depiction of paraplegics playing wheelchair rugby is sending out completely the wrong signals.   It’s fair enough for people to be doing this at Stoke Manderville (it’s better than wallowing in self pity).  However it does not have to be an Olympic sport!!!  It is sending out the wrong signals because it draws attention to what disabled people CAN’T do, rather than what we CAN do.  It’s not surprising then that there is this level of ignorance.

Also no surprise then that I have been discriminated against, although there is no excuse for this ignorance.  If we are given a level playing field (no pun intended) then we can be productive members of society, and indeed can compete with our able bodied counterparts on an equal footing.  This being with the requisite ‘reasonable adjustment’.
  That is not too much, or a great deal, to expect.  So what we need is ‘International Reasonable Adjustment Day’, which would do a lot more to help disabled people that ‘International Paralympic Day’, or any other patronising garbage.