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The Contemplations, Rants & Reminiscences of DavidB327

Something Sensational To Read On The Train

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RIP Kathy Kirby

I just heard about the death of the absolutely wonderful Kathy Kirby, who died 3 weeks ago at the relatively young age of 72.  I remember Kathy very well, as she was a big star when I was growing up in the 1960s.  Although I enjoyed seeing her on the TV, I must admit that I enjoyed seeing Dusty Springfield a lot more.  Well they were both great.




Many of the artists from the early 1960s sound somewhat quaint now, if indeed not ridiculous.  You could not say that about Kathy Kirby.  I mourn her passing, but at least there is a great musical legacy to look back on.  Christie read Kathy’s obituary to me earlier.  It makes me feel very sad that someone with so much talent and vitality should have a career that ended so abruptly, when there are far less talented people that amass fortunes they have done nothing to earn.


By the way, for anyone not familiar with pre-decimal Sterling, there were 20 shillings to 1 pound, and 12 pence to 1 shilling.  Just to put Jimmy Saville’s comments into context - when I saw T Rex in May 1971 (several years after the Kathy Kirby video), the ticket cost me 40p (= 8 shillings).