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The Contemplations, Rants & Reminiscences of DavidB327

Something Sensational To Read On The Train

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Am I An Alien Or Just Futuristic?
Body Painting1

I would like to think the latter, but could not want to commit myself.  As I have mentioned previously, I felt inspired after reading about the notorious ‘Unisex’ fashion show by Rudi Gernreich, which featured models that were completely hairless, and wore identical clothing.



In explaining the rationale for the shaving of the couple’s head & bodies, Gernreich concluded: “Openness and honesty call for no covering of any kind.”  Impressionable as I was, it was nevertheless naïve of me to think that this might be a glimpse into the future.  However there were numerous references (in the media) that suggested the evolution of the human race would result eventually in people being hairless.  In this respect I felt encouraged to join the ‘bald community’, once I had summoned up the courage to do so.

An article, at about the same time as the Gernreich show, featured an Italian model that had shaved her head – this was on the premise that she did not want to wait for the 21st Century (by which time we ‘would all be bald’).  That’s how I felt.  I can’t unfortunately remember the name of the model.  That was not the only prediction that did not come to pass.  The royals are still the bunch of parasites that they were then, though I live in hope that they will eventually be subject to government cutbacks.

Predictions of hairlessness are still being made, though now it’s in a negative way.    I don’t expect this to be any more accurate than the euphoric ‘space age’ predictions of my youth.



The Bolivian President Evo Morales made the following baldness claim at the Climate Conference:” Baldness is the result of genetically modified foods and I am sure that in fifty years everyone will be bald and barbers will be unemployed.”  Sounds good to me, but it certainly will not encourage me to start eating chicken that glows in the dark, or indeed any other kind of poultry.  Maybe someone will start a counter rumour that there are proportionally more alopecians in the vegetarian population than the carnivorous population.  You heard it here first.

Of course there continue to be images of hairlessness in the media, from both a positive and negative perspective, and in many films and TV series, as shown in the Makeup Gallery.  Much of the imagery has a science fiction / fantasy / exotic slant, which is fine by me.  I love makeup that you can see from a distance.  It’s not meant to just cover up spots.


Also, I really like this Futuristic Bald Cap by Michellica.  The makeup is beautiful.  It’s cheating of course, but what the hell.



I like to think I have made my own contribution, as in this from my days in the Netherlands.  Of course in my case it’s the real thing.  This photograph was featured in Body Art Magazine.


Despite the prevalence of such imagery, the ongoing reaction to real life examples often leave a lot to be desired, which really disappoints me.  The presence of an account on Facebook called ‘Megan Fox is an alien’ is juvenile, and extremely irksome to say the least.  There are quite a few such examples of reactions to women having had their heads shaved.  Still quite a lot of progress to be made.

To end on a more positive note, I don’t believe that anyone has ever accused Diandra Soares of being an alien.  Not that it would bother me if it were true.



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For me personally I see more of a connection between baldness with androgyny, and that androgyny reoccurs in futuristic imagery as perhaps in the 'future' (whenever that may be) gender wont have the same meaning it had in the past. Gender roles have broken down over time and shall continue to do so, surely. Look at the huge gap in gender roles in the 1950s - there were strong expectations on how men and women had to look (polarity between masculine/feminine), which has changed and broken down a lot over the past 60 years (look at examples in the 80s and 90s like Grace Jones....a big leap from Grace Kelly). And of course there's a sexual fascination in androgyny: I mean, Grace Jones was really sexy!

Of course the only resistance to this progress is conservatism, which is always alive and well (eg 'Megan Fox is an alien'). There will always be a subset of men who believe a woman should be about long blonde hair and big boobs :-P

Well of course I feel a great deal of affinity with people that considers themselves to be androgynous, both in terms of appearance and in actuality. As you know my partner Christie has been campaigning for legal and social recognition for non gendered people for some time.

Grace Jones has been a great inspiration to me, right back to the early days. It’s such a shame that she fell out of favour with the music business, but I am really pleased that Grace is back in the limelight. She is such a great performer, and I must say I am impatient for the next chance to see her in concert.

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