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The Contemplations, Rants & Reminiscences of DavidB327

Something Sensational To Read On The Train

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Body Painting1

From being uplifted to being sickened, and feeling angry.  Another good friend of mine posted a video about a terrible case of harassment, in which a dying 7 year old girl and her family are being abused by neighbours from hell.  I can almost feel my blood pressure rising as I type this.




I don’t advocate harassment or vigilanteism, but this couple do not deserve any sympathy whatsoever.  They should have considered the consequences of their behaviour.


There can’t be any excuse for taking pleasure in being abusive towards someone that is not only so vulnerable but also dying.  If their lives are so bad that they can’t behave in a civilised manner, then they should walk into a hospital and request medical assistance.  What is so unsettling is the knowledge that, had this been in this country, they would have been turned away.  We know that only too well from recent events over here.





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I didn't watch it because I don't think I could take it. :/ I think I'd either get really sad or really angry.

A lot of times, actually almost all the time, abusive people have been horribly abused. Most people who do hurtful things, or bad things, or criminal things, are doing it to cope. Some people use chaos as a coping strategy. Our society is terrible with helping people. We just aren't equipped to give people other ways to cope.

If there were other ways to cope, eventually the insanity would heal.

That's what I think, anyway, or what I've noticed. People learn so much by example, and society sets an awful example.

It is upsetting. However this couple will hopefully have learned a lesson from this episode, and in future consider the ramifications of what they are doing more carefully.

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