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The Contemplations, Rants & Reminiscences of DavidB327

Something Sensational To Read On The Train

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Photographs from our Paris trip
Body Painting1
Rather belatedly some photographs from our anniversary trip to
Paris back in April.

River Seine by night

David on embankment, near Pont de la Concorde

Anniversary meal in Les Ambassadeurs

David in Place de la Concorde

SG in Place de la Concorde

SG on Pont de la Concorde

David & SG in L’Obelisque

Report on trip here:

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Paris is so beautiful, the perfect place for a celebration!

I'm glad for you!

It is indeed the perfect place, especially if you stay in a hotel as beautiful as De Cruillon.

We had considered going to Venice as well, but maybe we'll go there for our 20th anniversary.

I've been to Venice a few years ago, but I still prefer Paris or Barcelona or Madrid...

I went to Venice on a school trip (a long time ao of course). I would love to go back, but out of season when there's not so many tourists. It would be so wonderful to listen to a baroque concert or opera in that location.

I've not been to Spain, but I would like to go there sometime, particularly Barcelona.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks Emma

We did inded have a wonderful time. The reputation that Paris has for being a romantic destination is well deserved.


hi david.i can tell you had a great time in paris.perhaps one day i will get to visit paris i wish i had the time and money to travel.being stuck jere in the midwest sucks!but i do have my heart set on going to scottland next year.

Thanks - we did have a great time, and we're planning to go back there again next year.

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