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The Contemplations, Rants & Reminiscences of DavidB327

Something Sensational To Read On The Train

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Role Model Update

I mentioned some time ago that I took inspiration from images of Grace Jones and Pat Evans (that is the model featured on the early Ohio Players album covers, not the soap opera character) when I was considering shaving my head.  I came across this interview with Pat Evans recently, which makes interesting reading despite some of the questions being somewhat tedious.  My attention begins to wander when I hear terms like ‘raw’ and ‘natural’.  Nevertheless it’s good to hear that Pat is growing old gracefully.  I like to feel that I am as well.




It will not have been a surprise question, but I imagine that it must have been irksome that Pat was asked why she decided to shave her head, 44 years after she started doing this.  Personally I have always found it annoying that anyone who looks in some way different from the norm can be expected to rationalise their style choices.   If ‘normal’ people are not expected to provide an explanation, then why should anyone that dares to look different?

It is (sadly) not just silly questions that can be expected, as is described in this article.




Although this does recount a negative experience there are positive aspects.  I quite like the comment about Wanderlustzingara’s professor I can't imagine her with anything but a shaved head’.  Just goes to show that sometimes hair seems so unnecessary.

All 4 Ohio Players featuring Pat Evans can be found here.




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No surprise I'm commenting on this post! The inquisition about they whys of shaving your head remind me of the questions I get about why I'm a vegetarian, like it's my job to defend my choice out of the blue (and it is ALWAYS out of the blue, I NEVER instigate any food debate and usually have my mouth full when someone decides to bring up this topic, much to my consternation). Why don't you explain why you cover up your grey hair, why you have that haircut, why you're wearing that suit, why you DO eat meat?

Actually, I think that now whenever I get questioned about a fashion or lifestyle choice, I'll ask the inquisitor why they do what they do.

I admit I didn't read past the first few, but I was glad to see that there were a number of positive comments in the Fashionista article from women talking about loving when they had their heads shaved.

Actually I don’t get asked about my rationale for being vegetarian these days. I guess that’s probably because it’s more common over here. It’s one of the few areas in which this country is leading the world.

It’s good practice to challenge these inquisitors, as their questions are rarely (and in my experience never) prompted by a desire to learn. The usual response is “I was only asking”, which does not to me reflect a thirst for knowledge.

I admittedly had a similar experience to this woman when I fully shaved my head: I loved how it looked, but the often negative attention sometimes made me unconsciously dress more feminine and wear more make-up to emphasise my femininity. The reactions were exhausting, having to constantly field the stupid comments when to me it really wasnt a big deal.

The comments on the fashionista thread are largely positive, probably due to the growing number of celebrities and fashion figures who have shaved heads. But generally the responses reminded me of what my similarly 'open-minded' friends said to me: "ooooh your haircut is cool, I think it looks great" but there's no way in hell they would do it themselves!

Bottom line is that women are too precious about their hair!

Unwanted attention can certainly be a drag, though I learned pretty quickly to ignore stupid comments. I had to really. Not too long after I started shaving my head, there was a period when there was some building work going on near where I used to work, and I used to get wolf whistles (and comments about my sexuality) every time I went past. I would handle this differently now, but back then I just ignored it.

At about the same time 2 women friends of mine (one of whom was a hairdresser) said that they felt inspired to shave their heads. At the time I advised them not to, purely because I didn’t want them to be subjected to the same kind of ridicule. In fact neither of them did. A pity really. If things had been different it could have been the start of a new cult.

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