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You Can't Ring My Bell
Body Painting1

As a former pedestrian and now confirmed passenger in a motor vehicle, I am finding constant references to the London Sky Ride to be irritating, and in terms of the presentation nauseating to say the least.  It started out sunny this morning, so I imagine some people would have packed picnics to have in the park.  I hope it rains later.


Of course to be traffic free there have to be road closures.  So what about the Londoners that don’t want to cycle around London’s pot holed streets with a bunch of strangers?  Well the options are: walk; get the underground / train; stay at home.  The second option would only be valid for those lines that don’t have replacement bus services due to maintenance work.  Well I may consider walking, but I am worried about being run over by marauding cyclists.

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your pessimism is glorious!


Re: your pessimism is glorious!

What pessimism? This is entirely objective.

Re: your pessimism is glorious!

righty dokey, skip! :D


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