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The Contemplations, Rants & Reminiscences of DavidB327

Something Sensational To Read On The Train

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Coronation Street


 The artistic merit of soap operas (or continuous drama as the producers of Coronation Street would describe their programme) is quite often discounted.  Given the propensity of the producers of these programmes to favour headline grabbing storylines, fuelled by off-screen salacious gossip, it is tempting to ignore them completely. Yet there are times when the writers & actors (in fact the whole team) really do manage to excel.  So it was on Monday with Coronation Street, which featured the wedding of Roy and Hayley.

For those that are not familiar with the programme, Hayley is a post operative M – F transsexual.  Roy & Hayley had previously been ‘married’.  They decided to re-new their wedding vows, and since there has subsequently been a change in UK legislation, they were able to do so in a manner that was legally binding.

During Monday’s 2nd episode, what was particularly poignant for me was the speech by Roy, declaring his undying love for Hayley.  He pointed out that although attitudes (towards trans people) may change, Roy would always feel the same about Hayley, and he was waiting for society to catch up.

I felt very emotional watching this.  It has particular relevance for me.  Christie and I would be very happy for it to be possible to have our relationship acknowledged in a way that is legally binding.  However at present we can’t do this without Christie having to compromise per status as a non gendered person.  The Gender Recognition Act has made it possible for some couples (such as the fictitious Roy & Hayley) to legalise their relationship, out its remit was too narrow, and it does not benefit Christie and me at all.

I do not doubt that the work being undertaken by Christie, to gain equal rights for non gendered people, will eventually bear fruit.  One day we will be able to have a marriage ceremony, in which Christie’s non gendered status is acknowledged.  When that happens I will certainly be making my way to Issey Miyake to get a brand new suit for the occasion.  Until then we wait for the world to catch up.  Whilst we wait we celebrate the anniversary of when we first met (06 April 1991).



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Darling, is this a proposal??!

Yes! I would be honoured if you would accept.

Then how can I refuse?


That’s a relief. Champagne all round!

I can't believe how long it's really taking the world to catch up. In so many manner of things.

I don't understand what's so disastrous about any two people, regardless of gender or anything else, getting married. I don't understand the fight to reserve it for male/female.

But there were fights to hold on to slavery, too, and when that ended, it ended almost worldwide.

And there were fights to keep anyone who wasn't white from voting, and to keep anyone who wasn't female from voting.

It all seems so absurd now. And all this seems absurd, too. I just don't get it.

Indeed it does. Eventually society will understand the complexities of identity, but in the meantime the fight goes on.

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