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The Contemplations, Rants & Reminiscences of DavidB327

Something Sensational To Read On The Train

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Yet Another Hypocrite
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So Crispin Blunt (Prisons Minister) has revealed that he is leaving his wife, and that he is coming to terms with his homosexuality.  What hypocrisy.  I don’t doubt that he made this decision before being ‘outed’ anyway.




The Tory blogger, and dinwit, Ian Dale has rather nauseatingly expressed sympathy for Blunt's incredibly brave decison to come out at this stage in his life.  I don't believe that there will be many more expressions of empathy (though I am prepared to be proved wrong).  In coming to terms with his homosexuality, I wonder if the Rt Hon Blunt will be considering his stance on gay rights.  His track record in parliament in this area is not good, but typifies that of a Tory closet gay MP, of which there are many (and indeed one more to be revealed soon).


I do find it intensely annoying that these people are “coming out” now, when it is safe to do so.  Many people fought for and supported gay rights (including myself)  a long time ago, at a time when Rt Hon Blunt was voting against gay rights.  Many people (including myself) were affected by homophobic prejudice, subject to ridicule, and suffered verbal and physical abuse, long before it became safe to be openly gay.  I doubt that Rt Hon Blunt has ever been beaten up for being gay, but I have.  As it happens I am not, but that is no defence when you are being attacked by a bunch of thugs.  Ian Dale refers to how attitudes have changed over the years.  Well neither he nor Crispin Blunt did ANYTHING to improve matters.  What cowards they are!!!


The Rt Hon Blunt is a pathetic enough figure.  However the former closet and now openly gay figure that I loath more than any other is Elton John.  Only when it was completely safe to do so did he finally announce to the world that he is gay (not exactly a surprise), and made a big song and dance out of getting married.  What makes it even more irksome is his total lack of talent.


Of course it is not incumbent on everyone in public life to declare their sexuality.  In most cases it is of no relevance whatsoever.  In the case of Rt Hon Blunt, I would only be mildly irritated were it not for the fact that his stance as an MP has been in contradistinction to what we now know his sexuality to be.  Still – show me a politician that IS NOT a hypocrite.


As an aside, I wonder who Leon was singing about?

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Crystal Closet Queen

Little Richard! Of course – who else could have been the undiluted queen of rock and roll?

How embarrassing! I should have known that. The numbers of ties I have hear that song…

(Deleted comment)

Well politics is not for the faint hearted, and certainly not for the honest.

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