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The Contemplations, Rants & Reminiscences of DavidB327

Something Sensational To Read On The Train

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Bravo Felipe – Shame on you Stefano

So exactly 1 year after a near fatal crash in Hungary, it was wonderful to see Felipe Massa do so well in the German Grand Prix.  After qualifying in 3rd place, Felipe swept past Vettel and Alonso at the start to take the lead.  Felipe stayed in front, until he received a coded team order from Rod Smedley to let Aloso past.  Smedley was obviously embarrassed at having to give this instruction, and apologized to Felipe afterwards.

Of couse this kind of breach of the rules goes on all the time in F1, but not in such a blatant way.  Quite rightly Ferrari were fined $100,000, and it would be appropriate if all of that came from team principal Stefano Domenicali’s bank account.

 I feel absolutely incensed that Ferrari have treated Felipe Massa in such a cruel and insensitive way, especially since this was so public.  I sincerely hope that there is no repetition of this kind of behaviour.  I hope that the people around Felipe rally around him.  The next grand prix is in Hungary, where Felipe almost died last year.  I hope that Felipe is sufficiently motivated, because I would dearly love him to win this race.  This though will not happen if Ferrari continue to treat him as a second class citizen.

 Go for it Felipe!