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The Contemplations, Rants & Reminiscences of DavidB327

Something Sensational To Read On The Train

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What Is So Tragic About Dishonesty?

I would say that everyone should by default have total contempt for politicians, and be relatively open minded.  Just enough to be prepared to be pleasantly surprised when one of them actually turns out to be honest, and if competent as well, then that is a real bonus.  On this basis, it will not be surprising when someone gets caught with their hands in the till, resulting in the case of David Laws in a ‘personal tragedy’.




Most of us have either had direct experience of tragedy, or have been affected by something tragic happening to someone else.  Getting caught stealing taxpayer money, but still keeping your day job does not sound tragic to me.  The vast majority of people, if they got caught pilfering to this extent, would lose their job instantly with no chance of appeal, and could face a custodial sentence.  Furthermore I do not see anything honourable in resigning from a ministerial post when found out to be a thief.  Being honourable is not stealing from taxpayers in the first place.  It’s not difficult.


His miserable excuse for trying to protect his ‘secret’ partner is annoying enough, but I am angrier about him moaning about his upset mother, who previously had no idea that he was gay.  Did it not occur to him that, as a leading politician with a long term gay relationship, it would eventually come to light?  If he felt confident about keeping that secret, then perhaps it’s a good thing that he no longer has ministerial responsibility.



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Like you, I maintain the sort of opinions abotu politicians that lead to pleasant surprise when one is revealed to be generally decent. Politics is a nasty business, and I think you have to have some measure of ruthlessness in you that allows you to get ahead most of the time.

What gets me is that when these guys get caught doing something dodgy, it's always because they thought they could keep it secret, whether it's their being gay or having an affair or stealing money, they think they'll hide it forever, nevermind that the very fact of their job means that they're being even more scrutinized than the average schmuck. I'm sure there are a few who do get away with things, but you'd think that seeing all the colleagues whose lucrative careers have been ruined would at least give the others pause.

And no, I don't think this counts as a tragedy, for exactly the reasons you mentioned. Yuck.

The most irritating thing about all this is that we all know this is the same all over the world, and yet they go on about how honourable they are. If only Oscar Wilde was alive today! I would read his blogs for sure.

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