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The Contemplations, Rants & Reminiscences of DavidB327

Something Sensational To Read On The Train

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What Price Equality?

Harriet Harman’s so-called Equalities Panel have agreed to Lords amendment, concurring that it would be a breach of the ‘rights’ for religious nutter or other bigot to have to perform a marriage ceremony if objecting to this on religious grounds because one of the applicants has “changed gender”.





The Equalities Panel obviously place the ‘rights’ of one bigot over and above the human rights of two people who want to get married where one (or both) are trans.


I believe this is not is accordance with the GRA which gives transsexuals the legal right to marry if in possession of GRA certificate.


I can’t help wondering whether this last minute amendment would have been accepted had it not been for the fact that parliament was imminently due to be dissolved.  So much for human rights.

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That's completely ridiculous. It reminds me of the religious conservatives here who don't want to force equally conservative pharmacists to dispense Plan B birth control (or sometimes birth control in general) because it clashes with their beliefs, nevermind that they're bloody pharmacists and it's part of their damn job!

I also wonder about the wording that says they can opt out if they "reasonably believe" one has changed gender. THAT seems a bit broad. What constitutes "reasonable belief"?

I just don't understand people who get hung up on one thing like that, believing that it should take precedence over two people's desire to pledge their love to one another. I don't recall transsexuals being condemned in the Bible, but I AM pretty sure that loving eachother features prominently.

It is nonsensical, and I would like to think that this amendment will be reversed at some point in the future. What is a real disgrace to me, is that a small number of religious bigots in an unelected assembly can have such control over UK legislation (supposedly a democracy). Unlike the House of Commons, the UK public have no control whatsoever over who sits in the House of Lords, and have no power to remove someone whose behaviour is unacceptable.

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