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The Contemplations, Rants & Reminiscences of DavidB327

Something Sensational To Read On The Train

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Don’t Make Me Think, My Brain Is Hurting

It comes as no surprise that the Caster Semenya case is no closer to achieving a satisfactory resolution.




Caster Semenya has been treated disgracefully throughout this affair, and will I fear be discriminated against for the rest of her life.  I know how that feels from personal experience only too well.


The IAAF appear to have adopted the approach that if they ignore this for long enough, Caster Semenya will eventually seek alternative career options, and they can then just forget about the fluidityg of ender identity, and its implications.  


In many respects this situation is reminiscent of Kafka’s “The Castle”; however this is real life not fiction.  It would not surprise me one little bit though, if this drags on for years, and Caster is effectively too old to run competitively before the IAAF grant permission for her to take part in women’s athletics again.