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The Contemplations, Rants & Reminiscences of DavidB327

Something Sensational To Read On The Train

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Visit Sorrento and Live!
Booked the hotel and plane tickets for our Italian trip. The world’s so called favourite airline had a reduced fare offer that was too good to miss, and hopefully since we’re travelling to Italy a bit later this year there will not be the threat of a pilot / ground crew / baggage handler etc strike to cause aggravation. Still 3 months away, but in the meantime I have the dubious pleasure of a trip to the Grim North to look forward to. I bet it rains every day.

Actually I’m quite looking forward to seeing my family again (well most of them). Mum has not been too well recently, and has been in hospital a couple of times. Nevertheless she’s been back out for a while, and my heartbeat’s slowed down again. She’s been a lot brighter on the telephone recently, but I do want to make sure she’s ok.

Sister No. 2 had an accident the other day, and has her leg in plaster up to the knee. Despite breaking 3 times as many toes as Wayne Rooney I did not see anything about it on the national or world news, and was treated by the NHS.