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The Contemplations, Rants & Reminiscences of DavidB327

Something Sensational To Read On The Train

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Body Painting1

I do find it annoying that journalists, on the whole, seem to get away with airing their prejudices in public, sometimes unwittingly. So it was with Antonia Senior, who recently wrote a piece in The Times lambasting the Equality Bill, currently trundling its way through parliament.


I don’t have a problem with any critique of the so called Labour government’s blundering, and indeed Harriet Harman (every time I hear her bleating on about something or other on the TV I end up thinking I must book myself on an anger management course).

In attempting to make a valid point in relation to domestic violence (ie that not all victims of domestic violence are women (something that I would have thought was self evident even to Harriet Harman), Antonia Senior completely negates her argument by stating “But 15 per cent of victims of domestic violence must therefore be men, unless there are a lot of cowering hermaphrodites skewing the figures.

The term “cowering hermaphrodites” is in itself offensive. However it is also the reference to “skewing the figures” that I also find offensive. Are we to conclude therefore that Antonia Senior is of the belief that hermaphrodites should not be included in any official statistics, and by implication must be forever consigned to be an invisible minority? Somehow I doubt that this was meant to be implied, but rather that it was no more than a cheap sarcastic remark, at the expense of a minority that has little visibility.

One of Antonia Senior’s previous articles went by the title “Better dead than green”. I seriously doubt if she meant that to be taken literally, but in her case it would benefit humanity.