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The Contemplations, Rants & Reminiscences of DavidB327

Something Sensational To Read On The Train

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Come Uppance Time
It was good to watch Tony McNulty’s half baked and totally insincere apology to Parliament today. He does his best to blame everybody else but himself, and somewhat irritating refers to giving ‘the appearance’ of benefiting from his fraudulent claim. The British people are not so stupid as he would like to think.


If I’d behaved in a similar manner with my company, then I doubt if an apology to the company board of directors would be considered sufficient, however grovelling. I would have been banged up.

Speaking of corrupt politicians, I am amazed, and quite a bit disturbed, to hear that Tony Blair is seriously being considered as a candidate for the future EU presidency. Surely in this group of 27 countries there must be at least 1 honest politician, or if not at least someone with sufficient merit for this post. Even the nutty Charlie boy of Windsor would be better that Tony Blair.

Update 07 November:
So now that MPs are facing the prospects of life without inflated incomes (provided that the recommendations actually get implemented), the “benefit thieves” advertisements are being played again on radio and TV. Is this I wonder coincidence, bad planning, or the whim of someone with a sick sense of humour?

The ad I heard featured a benefit thief bemoaning her fate after being caught. It concludes with the words “I feel so ashamed… I thought I would never get caught.” Clearly the Rt disHon McNulty would agree with the latter, but most definitely not the former. Just to put this into context – at the time that McNulty was illegally supplementing his income he was a minister in charge of welfare. It would have taken a typical so called benefit thief about 20 years to accumulate the amount he managed in 1 year.

The general election can’t come soon enough for me – or could it be that Brown - Mandelson has a plan to rig the votes…