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The Contemplations, Rants & Reminiscences of DavidB327

Something Sensational To Read On The Train

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I am bald
I felt pretty exhilarated when I first shaved my head. I’d wanted to do it for some time, but was reluctant to do so at first because of apprehension of the reactions I would get. Still I’ve never regretted shaving, and I still get a ‘buzz’ after shaving. It’s like the real me is underneath, wanting to be revealed.

Judging by this Queen Angel is quite pleased she went bald.


Well done Queen Angel.

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aaawwww, She is so happy))

God, one day I'll go bald, too! Actually, I was pretty much close to it, but short pink hair seemed so nice that I couldn't resist and left it)

Well short pink hair would look pretty good - but you can't beat no hair at all. Althuogh you might expect me to say that.

And now you're bald too!

But no pink hair now though. How do you feel now you’ve gone bald? Are you going to carry on shaving your head, (hope so)?

Re: And now you're bald too!

Yep, no short pink hair this time)))
I had a wish to do this for several years.

Aw, and it was amazing-wonderful-breathtaking!!!
I was full of happiness! %)

I'm a sucker for hair modification. Every time I change my hairstyle I feel sooo happy! As if there's finally Heaven on Earth)))

Unfortunately, in July I'm going to visit my father who doesn't know about any of my hair experiments. And I'd better not tell/show him.
He just simply doesn't understand all that stuff. And doubt that he ever will.

So I need my hair to grow a little bit for July.

Probably one day I'll go bald once again, who knows)))

Re: And now you're bald too!

Actually my mum and dad were not happy at all when I started shaving my head, though this was back in the 1970s when it was very rare. I think they came to terms with it after about 20 years or so. This is just as well, because after Christie and I became parterres they had 2 of us with shaved

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