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The Contemplations, Rants & Reminiscences of DavidB327

Something Sensational To Read On The Train

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The Vultures are Circling
I have found the recent news reports of Jade Goody’s impending wedding to be difficult listening / viewing. The closer it gets, and the closer it gets to Jade’s death, the more angry I am getting. Not with Jade I hasten to add, but with the vultures that will be making a huge profit out of her demise. Gordon Brown put his foot in it again yesterday. He could not have sounded less sincere when he wished the reality TV start well, but he could have at least got her name right. He is such a waste of space.

Earlier today there was a report on Sky News, following on from footage of Jade in a wheelchair, and then later standing up kissing her fiancée. Having told us that Jade has a drip with pain killing medication strapped to her body, the dimwit of a field reporter started going on about a 3 ft high cake, and how much Jade is looking forward to eating some of it! How the hell can someone that is in constant pain, and has only days / weeks to live look forward to anything else but death? She is DYING OF CANCER!!!!!!

Even worse a little while later, the Sky News anchor interviewed Jade’s “empowerment healer”, who was full of enthusiasm for what she had done for Jade, and how much Jade had benefited from her support. In light of all this positive stuff the anchorman got the impression that Jade believed that she could ‘beat the cancer’. Obviously not, but when he asked the “empowerment healer” she mysteriously started having problems with her earpiece (I’ve seen a politician use that escape route before). To avoid this difficult question she then started going on about the ‘fairy tale’ wedding, and how Jade was going to look like a princess, and how much she (the empowerment healer) was looking forward to the wedding! What a complete disgrace.

I don’t begrudge Jade one penny of the money she is getting for the documentary, and interviews / photographs in the press etc. She deserves it a lot more than the high flying bankers, politicians with their heads in troughs, assorted aristocrats / royals that have done nothing to deserve their life or privilege, clergy that preach but don’t practice, and plenty of other hypocrites.

I don’t wish Jade well, because nothing about her last days will be anything like well, but I do hope that her death will be as pain free as it can be. She is dying with dignity, and should be treated with respect. I just wish the media and assorted hangers on would show some dignity themselves.