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The Contemplations, Rants & Reminiscences of DavidB327

Something Sensational To Read On The Train

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Graduation Day (Updated)
Christie’s graduation ceremony took place on Monday 19 January at the Guildhall in the City. Quite a prestigious location for this event, and I must say I was a little jealous - but then having said that I had to be virtually dragged to my degree ceremonies by mum and dad.

As usual with events in London we set out way in advance, to make sure that we didn’t miss the start, due to an all too common traffic jam. On this occasion there wasn’t, so we had time to relax in the Library (that’s what it was called, but there weren’t any books in evidence). Here's a couple of photographs taken at the Guildhall.

The ceremony itself was held in the Great Hall, which was pretty ornate. As we sat waiting for things to get going, some classical music was playing in the background. Pachelbel’s Canon (one of my favourite pieces) was played not once but 3 times. After that there was a brief spurt of Handel before the lights dimmed and the ceremony finally began. The ceremony was much like other graduation ceremonies, which are really boring until you get to the bit that you’re interested in. Fortunately we were sitting in the second row, so when it was Christie’s turn, I could see reasonably well as Christie walked on stage. I felt very proud.

Once the ceremony itself had finished there was a reception back in the ‘Library’. We stayed for a little while, but not to the end as we had a dinner engagement. For dinner we went to Tentazione. The food was as always superlative, and the service spot on. A perfect way to finish off the evening.

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Thanks very much. I've passed the message on to Christie.

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