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The Contemplations, Rants & Reminiscences of DavidB327

Something Sensational To Read On The Train

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Bob Marley
It is 25 years since the great Bob Marley died (he died on 11 May 1981). He left behind such an extensive legacy, and I for one find his music just as powerful, uplifting, evocative and emotional now as I did then (check out the Exodus, Natty Dread and Kaya albums). The lyrics still seem just as meaningful, and the song ‘War’ seems chillingly poignant (not to be confused with the Edwin Starr song, although that too is certainly a classic).

It would be hard for me to choose 1 song as my favourite. Songs such as Exodus, Jamming, Lively Up Yourself and Easy Skanking are always great morale boosters, whereas Natural Mystic (covered by the brilliant Black Uhuru) and No Woman No Cry always make me feel emotional. But I guess Redemption Song would be the one. Joe Strummer recorded a great version of this song, not too long before his own death.

I remember seeing a documentary about Bob Marley a few years after he died, during which he sang Redemption Song, recorded at his home with just Bob on the guitar. Absolutely beautiful!

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Bob Marley's music transcends popular media, and speaks to the spirit, for sure.

I love all the songs you mentioned, especially Redemption Song and No Woman No Cry. And of course, One Love.

I'm sure that his music will live on forever, and deservedly so.

I have been pleasantly surprised of late to discover that my 14 year-old daughter loves Bob Marley! When I measure this discovery against her other musical choices, I find hope. HOPE!

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