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The Contemplations, Rants & Reminiscences of DavidB327

Something Sensational To Read On The Train

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Last night we went to see Mariza at the Barbican, and it was a truly brilliant concert.  The evening started out badly though as we got stuck in a traffic jam.  It took the best part of an hour just to get onto the main road!  However we managed to get there in plenty of time.  Since I found out about the concert just after it was announced I managed to get seats in the front row, which was especially good for me of course.  I could see reasonably well, which was different to the previous occasions on which we’ve seen Mariza.


This concert saw Mariza moving in a new more jazz orient direction on some songs, with the addition of a drummer  and piano / trumpet player.  Nevertheless she is still the Queen of Fado, and many of the songs had the musicians playing just the traditional instruments.  She did most of the songs on the new album, but still had time for the old favourites.  She also did one song in English (a cover version of Smile).  One of the songs was quite poignant for me, though I can’t understand Portuguese.  She introduced it by talking about her upbringing in Mozambique, and then Portugal, and living above a taverna, and talked with fondness about her father.  At the end of the song she was quite emotional, and I got the impression that her father had recently died.  I felt some affinity there, and felt quite3 emotional myself.


There was of course an encore, which started with the song she always sings unplugged.  It’s been impressive on the previous occasions, but to hear it performed up close was wonderful.  She has such a powerful, clear voice.  Not many singers would even consider singing without a microphone, but Mariza does it every time.  It finished all too quickly but not before Mariza shook hands with people at the front of the stage – so I got to shake Mariza’s hand!


Afterwards we went to RSJ for a meal.  It was fine, but a bit on the quiet side, although that’s been the case with most restaurants recently.  Symptomatic of the credit crunch I guess.