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The Contemplations, Rants & Reminiscences of DavidB327

Something Sensational To Read On The Train

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It was 20 years ago today…
Body Painting1

I don’t know why (since I now longer have a burning desire to return to academia), but this particular anniversary seems quite poignant to me.  Possibly because at the time I never thought I would move away from my academic life.


Anyway, it was 20 years ago today that I welcomed my academic colleagues, made the opening address and introduced the first keynote speaker at an international conference in Durham.  Although I had given lectures to academic colleagues before then, I was pretty nervous.  Still it went ok, and the conference was a success.  I got a few letters afterwards from people congratulating me on how it went, but one really annoyed me.  It was from my former boss during my all too brief period at the TU Delft.  He basically wrote “I enjoyed the conference.  I did not like your dress.”  I guess that was a reference to the skin tight leggings I tended to wear at the time, but nobody else complained.  Not something I would expect to get from someone I considred to be a fried, but prejudice sometimes comes from the most surprising of sources.  That was the only sour note though, and apart from that I have very fond memories of that conference.


The second conference was at the same venue two years later.  By then I had left academia (not out of choice), and started work for my present company.  So I felt rather out of place this time around, and didn’t get the same sense of satisfaction from it. 


It was good to be back in Durham though.  I do like that city.  When I worked there I used to walk to work (in the Psychology Department) every day.  My route took me along the river, past the castle and cathedral, and across a little footbridge over the river, finishing off with a walk up a pathway called ‘Cardiac hill’.  It was really uplifting, and kept me fit at the same time.