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The Contemplations, Rants & Reminiscences of DavidB327

Something Sensational To Read On The Train

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Amazing Grace
Body Painting1

I’ve been to some wonderful concerts in the past year or so, but last night at the RFH was The Big One.  Yes none other than the totally amazing Grace Jones.


This was the first time that we’d been to the RFH since the recent multi-million pound restoration.  As we were relaxing in the bar before the gig started, Christie noted that the budget hadn’t extended to replacing the carpets, as the old beer and wine stains were still evident.  We were ‘enjoying’ the house wine, nicely presented in little plastic beakers.


Although I bought the tickets as soon as they became available to non-members, I could only get seats at the back row of the stalls (it’s irritating to reflect that ‘VIPs’ such as Vivienne Westwod, who Christie spotted in the royal box, and Peaches had a much better view than us, though of courser they were on a freebie).  So I could basically see sod all, but it got worse when the rather raucous group in front of us stood up, and we all ended up standing up throughout the whole concert.  It was only really when the screen above the stage, which was used occasionally to project close ups of Grace, that either Christie or I saw anything.  That did not detract from our enjoyment though, because the music was absolutely amazing.


The concert started with the support act, which was essentially I believe the backing band, some of whom had played on the new album.  They were fine, but I went there to see Grace, and I was not interested in the support act, although they were pretty good in their own right.


The first we saw of Grace was a video of the title track from the Corporate Cannibal album, due out in September.  Then we were off, with a dramatic version of Nightclubbing, followed by Private Life and My Jamaican Guy.  The music was really loud (I could FEEL the thumping bass through the floor), but the sound quality was excellent.  The backing band were really together, and Grace was on top form.  I got the impression that she was enjoying herself.


Grace was on stage for over 2 hours, and gave wonderful renditions of almost all of the old favourites (though sadly not Do or Die or I Need a Man).  She also performed a few tracks from the new album, including Corporate Cannibal (needless to say I will be purchasing the new album as soon as It’s available).  My favourite part of the whole evening was when Grace did a sublime version of La Vie en Rose (including the meow).  To say that the audience were appreciative is an understatement.  Every song was received with rapturous applause, and it was a greet atmosphere.  There were a couple of encores, and Grace finished of course with Slave to the Rhythm.


It was a truly outstanding performance, and an evening I will remember for a very long time.  I wish Grace every success in her revitalised music career.  I would love to see her again in concert, but next time much closer to the stage.

Update: I spotted this concert  preview in the Independent:


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She's so cool :)

Did you get any pictures?

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