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The Contemplations, Rants & Reminiscences of DavidB327

Something Sensational To Read On The Train

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Body Painting1

My sleeping pattern is completely awry at the moment.  I’m not sure whether this is down to stress, a side effect of coming of Phenytoin (though I’ve been at 200mg pd for over 5 weeks now), a combination of the two, or down to other factors.  Either way I am wide awake at a ridiculously early hour, having been unable to sleep.  So I have decided to get up and start work early today.  I will probably start to feel tired by lunchtime.


I’ve just realised that I have passed a milestone of sorts this month.  It’s now more than 30 years since I started shaving my head.  I actually first shaved my head in the summer of 1975.  Due to the negative vibes I kept getting I felt too unsettled at that time to carry on with it.  So I grew my hair back, even though I felt much better without.  Nevertheless in May 1978 I decided to start shaving my head again, and have never stopped.  No particular reason why I should remember the month – I just do.  Odd as it may seem, apart from family and a few people from the old days in Manchester I hardly ever see, there isn’t anyone I come across that’s ever seen me with hair.  Needless to say they never will.


So down to work… 

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Wow, long-term shaved! You're a veteran - doing it since before it was so popular!

I myself went down to a number 2 a few days ago....love the feel...working down to the skin. :-)

Is your icon a picture of you?

Well it certainly was not popular when I started! That’s why I found Grace Jones to be such an inspiration at the time.

Good to hear that you have gone shorter. Are you going to post some more photographs at some stage?

Definitely! I thought to ask my boyfriend to take a photo of me with the new shortness but we were too busy enjoying it! ;-)

And it certainly seems to show the growth very quickly.

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