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The Contemplations, Rants & Reminiscences of DavidB327

Something Sensational To Read On The Train

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I have never been a fan of Toyah Wilcox, although I have not particularly disliked anything about her in the past.  However after coming across the interview in the Telegraph I have changed my opinion somewhat.




In answer to the question “Have you been in debt?”, Toyah’s response includes the comment ‘Poverty is frightening and anyone who profits from other people's hardship, like landlords, deserves to rot in hell as far as I am concerned.’  Couldn’t agree more with that, though somehow I doubt that Toyah ever really experienced poverty, any more than I have.  Of course ‘celebrities do feel the need to embellish the truth, in order to make themselves seem more interesting and acquire credibility’ (hence Toyah’s claim in an interview from may years ago that she used to sleep in a coffin).


Later on in the interview she really does reveal her true colours, when she points out that she has 2 properties in the south of France, both of which she intends on letting.  Does the fact that she is intent on renting the properties to ‘company executives’ make her any less of a parasite landlord than those that rent to poor people?  I guess so, but not much.


Clearly Toyah Wilcox is no Nicholas van Hoogstraten.    Nevertheless the ‘buy to let’ property market has had a devastating effect on property prices everywhere, not just in the UK.  This is reflected in the price of one of the properties that Toyah bought, which has doubled in value.  So now the people that were born and brought up in that region have got little chance of ever buying their own homes, just as in the UK.


Take a tip from me – don’t buy a home unless you intend on living there.