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The Contemplations, Rants & Reminiscences of DavidB327

Something Sensational To Read On The Train

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Sophie Lancaster
Body Painting1

I am (like most people) finding the coverage of the Sophie Lancaster murder trial deeply upsetting.  For me particularly so, because when happened to Sophie could so easily have happened to me, and Bacup is quite close to where I was brought up.  I have been the victim of verbal and physical abuse on many occasions, though fortunately not so much these days.




Sophie’s family and her boyfriend (who survived the attack) must be finding the court proceedings quite traumatic.  Amongst the evidence presented today was a recording of the emergency call made by a passer by, which was later broadcast by the TV news.


At least in this case the feral thugs that perpetrated this unprovoked attack have been caught.  I sincerely hope that they all receive sentences that they deserve fro this crime.


It is worth noting though that attacks on people that dare to look different in some way from the mainstream can happen anywhere, and at any time.  On one occasion I was beaten up in the well known London goth haunt the Slimelight.  In this instance it was a ‘homophobic‘ attack, and I was completely unaware that there was anything untoward until I was kicked to the ground.   Prior to that I had been frequenting the place for years without any trouble at all.


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That's absolutely horrifying. I'm willing to accept that accidents can happen at any time (runaway bus, meteor, etc.) but it's really scary to think that you can be minding your own business and another person could do that to you based solely on your looks.

It is really scary. What I have never got my head around is at what point, how and why these people become feral thugs, that everyone would be well advised to avoid. Generally speaking these attacks occur when they are in a group. The evidence presented yesterday mentioned that they were behaving like a pack of wild animals. How the hell did they get to be like that?

Insofar as my experience is concerned, what made me feel extremely angry was that the verbal and physical abuse was not exactly condoned by most of my colleagues and friends, but a surprisingly large number pointed out that I should expect to suffer in this way for ‘daring to be different’. On numerous occasions the phrase ‘I did ask for it’ was used! Some of them I guess did care about me, and were simply pointing out that I would either have to accept the abuse would happen, or give up and become more conventional (as so many of my peers did). In retrospect though I would say that usually this reflected the prejudice of the person making the statement, who did not have the guts to say what they actually felt about me.

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