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The Contemplations, Rants & Reminiscences of DavidB327

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To Vote Tactically Or Not To Vote Tactically
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It is a ‘sad inditement’ or the state of politics in the UK, when for the first time in my life I am seriosly contemplating voting for the Conservative party.  I am not entirely sure that I can actually bring myself to take this course of action, but in the upcoming London mayoral election I can not rule this out.


I have not voted in every local or national election, but there are very few occasions when I have failed to do so.  I view this from the perspective that if you do not experss an opinion when that option is available to you (which of course in many parts of the world is not), then you are in no position to complain if you don’t like the party in powe.  Of course the choices are somewhat limited, and many people don’t vote on the basis that there is no party that meets all their expectations.  It would be wonderful if one could customiize party selection in some way (Labour on this poicy, Liberal Democrat on that, Green Pary on ..) but that will never happen.


So this year Londoners are facing the unenviable prospect of electing a mayor for the city, from a distinctly miserable bunch of candidates.  Whilst I may have voted Labour in the past, there was no way I was going to after Tony Blair became Bush’s poodle.  Since his departure this situation has hardly improved.  The likes of Harold Wilson etc were not particularly good at running the country, but at least some of them were idealistic, and lest we forget Harold Wilson refused to send British troops into Vietnam, despite considerable pressure from across the pond.


I don’t believe that anyone would consider the erstwhile Red Ken to be idealistic.  The term ‘little Hitler’ is quite apt in his case, except that he doesn’t seem to be that little any more.  What I find about him that is quite repulsive (amongst much, much more) is his blatant support for bullying in his defnce of Lee Jasper.  People may have been shocked to see him arrogantly berating the LDA officials in his ‘You’re all hypocrits’ outburst.  His behaviour is typical of a bully, and if he is like that in front of a camera, what is he like off camera?  Not someone I want in charge of this city.


So clearly I am not voting for Labour in the mayoral election, but I can’t take Brian Paddock seriosuly, especially since he has contradicted himself more than once.  He comes across as though he can’t make his mind up as to whether he will say what he believes in, or say what people will want him to say (not that he is unique in that respect).  Also I ca’t imagine that he has a chance of winning.  So this brings me to the Conservative canidate Boris Johnson.  No I don’t think I can do it.  It goes too much agaisnt the grain.  If on the other hand it was Ken Clarke then posibly…