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The Contemplations, Rants & Reminiscences of DavidB327

Something Sensational To Read On The Train

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Io Me Ne Andrei
Body Painting1

I am not generally speaking in favour of translating song lyrics into other languages, although sometimes it does work.  It’s fine to have access to a translation in itself, but I would for example prefer to listen to Madama Butterfly than Madam Butterfly – somehow it just doesn’t seem quite right in English.  Another example would be the song ‘Meglio Stasera’, sung by Fran Jeffries in the film ‘The Pink Panther’.  Oddly enough the English version (with lyrics by Johnny Mercy) was on the film soundtrack, though it’s actually in Italian in the film.  The gist is the same, but the English version is somewhat coy.


Sometimes though it does seem appropriate, as in Mick Ronson’s version of the song ‘Io Me Ne Andrei’ by the Italian singer / songwriter Claudio Baglioni.  The song was translated into English as ‘The Empty Bed’, and is on the album

‘Play Don’t Worry’, which was the 2nd of Mick’s solo albums, which he released after being ‘let go’ by David Bowie.


This is one of my favourite songs of all time, and listening to it always makes me feel emotional.  I heard the English version long before the original.  I was really pleased to hear the original version on the radio in our hotel in Sorrento during one of our recent visits to Campagnia.  Listening to the 2 versions one after the other, I reckon Mick has done the song credit.  Certainly the English lyrics evoke memories of relationships in the dim and distant past.  Not I hasten to add that I need to worry on that score.  SG and I will be together always – of that I am sure.






Incidentally the Play Don't Worry album also features the song 'Billy Porter', which was played ad nauseum in the alternative clubs back in the late 1970s.