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The Contemplations, Rants & Reminiscences of DavidB327

Something Sensational To Read On The Train

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Body Painting1

This story has been referred to in the media quite frequently today.   It may seem unbelievable that the body of a man, who was shot dead on Wednesday, was not discovered for 2 days.  This was despite the attack being reported by his friend, and the body actually lying in public view in the communal gardens of a council estate.




This really is a disgrace.  The picture now being painted by the media is that this is a grim area (well it is a pretty grim council estate), and it is common to see people lying on the ground apparently lifeless, but in fact sleeping off the effects of drink and / or drugs.  This may be true, but one would have thought that the police ‘investigating’ the crime would have been inquisitive enough to check.  Apparently not.


This would come as no surprise to anyone who has reported a crime in recent years.  We had occasion to do so a few years ago, when we had neighbours from hell living next door to us, who caused some serious damage to our car.  The police could not have cared less.  One initial excuse for the lack of action was that there were no spare officers, as several members of staff had been seconded to Walworth.  What I wonder would be Walworth’s excuse now?


Had this crime occurred whilst so called New Labour were in opposition, I can well imagine the political mileage they would have made out of this, especially given that their party headquarters used to be situated in Walworth.