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The Contemplations, Rants & Reminiscences of DavidB327

Something Sensational To Read On The Train

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Irritations of the Day

According to a recent study employers believe that they should be employing disabled people, but are wary of doing so because of fears of being politically incorrect.  This is obviously a load of cobblers! 




Now that the DDA is in force, no employer is going to admit that they don’t want to bother with the expense of catering for disabled people, and making the necessary ‘reasonable adjustments’ to support disabled people in the workplace.  How could any employer justify not taking on a blind person, because they are worried about using the word blind, and not using ‘visually impaired’ instead?  Although I am registered blind (and hence in the eyes of the law blind) I am not blind in the sense of having no vision.  I therefore tend to refer to myself as visually disabled because people often perceive blind as being totally blind.  I retain a certain level of vision despite the RP, so it’s easier to understand the nature of my disability.  However it would not upset me in any way if someone at work referred to me as being bluing.  I’d like to know who was responsible for the ridiculous and offensive ballpark remark.



On anther note, SG received in this week’s junk mail an application form for a credit card.  One of the questions was “Are you: Married / Civil Partnership / Divorced / Dissolved Civil Partnership / Single / Widowed”.  Whatever happened to ‘living with partner’?  Since we are not married or have a civil partnership, in the eyes of the black horse company we are both single, and just happening to be living at the same address.  In the bin it went.

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im in totel agreement with you.i was hired under the handicap program were i work and since i have a slight case of cebrel palsey i am labled people like me are known as being mentely retarded of course we know that is not true employers and soceity alike are so stereo type.ps may i add you to my freinds list your cool check out my blog site

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