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The Contemplations, Rants & Reminiscences of DavidB327

Something Sensational To Read On The Train

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Charming, alarming, fascinating, captivating, amazing?
Body Painting1

A little while ago I placed what I thought was an innocuous and vaguely amusing posting on the Head Shaver Central website, which is pretty tedious in general to put it mildly.  Anyway, it elicited an extreme reaction from a certain individual, who believed that I was being sacrilegious to the memory of Marlene Dietricg.  This particular individual seems to find me fascinating for some reason, and keeps pestering me about my gender identity, which I have no inclination to discuss, other than what I have already revealed through my LJ.  As a result of the heated exchanges the thread was eventually deleted.  Not that it is any big deal, but I don’t like the thought id being censored.  I also placed this to Herbaldness, but just to preserve my musings for posterity I reproduce it below.  One of my ‘buddies’ on HSC suggested Alison Godfrappp as the ideal singer for the new version of this song.  That would not have been my original choice, but I reckon that is a very good idea.



I have been listening quite a lot recently to the music of Marlene Dietrich, and I must say it is rather good.  I was struck by the lyrics of the song ‘Blonde Women’.  What has occurred to me is that it would be a very good idea for someone to re-record this, but bring it up to date by amending the lyrics to be about bald women instead of blonde women.  For those that have not heard the song the lyrics would be like this:


You'll try in vain, you can't explain
The charming alarming bald women
They fascinate, they captivate
Beware the amazing bald women
Be careful when you meet a sweet bald stranger
You may not know it but you're reaching danger
You'll try in vain, you can't explain
The charming alarming bald women


I am wondering who might be the most appropriate singer to do this.  Not Britney Spears I think.  Well my suggestion would be for Ute Lemper.

 Any other contenders?



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It's interesting and kind of disturbing to see what seemingly innocuous things stir up Internet controversy. Same with seeing what oddly obsessive characters come out at such times.

I like your lyrics and don't think they're sacrilegious to the memory of Ms. Dietrich. Oh, people.

Well there are definitely a lot of angry people out there, and for sure a lot you would not want to meet down a dark alley. But in this case it was some sad, opinionated old bloke that wanted to pick an argument with me. Any excuse to hurl abuse would do.

Some websites seem to be full of people who want to argue with each other. I'd rather be working than do that.

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