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The Contemplations, Rants & Reminiscences of DavidB327

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Yesterday was our 16th anniversary.  That is the anniversary of when we first met.  We chose to use this date as our anniversary date as we are not married, and this seemed the most appropriate date for us.


I’m glad the weather had improved.  It’s been so dark and dismal recently, but yesterday it was bright and sunny when I woke up, and that always helps to lift my spirits.  In the evening we went to the Conservatory restaurant at the Lanesborough hotel, and had a wonderful meal.  The staff, as usual, had placed a candelabra on the table, which made it light enough for me, but it also made it more romantic.  

As usual on special occasions we started with a glass of champagne each.  For the meal we decided to go for the Chianti Rufina, which we had I think at Xmas, and were lucky to get the very last bottle of that batch.  I had the most amazing linguini, done with a lovely rich, creamy sauce and with truffles.  It was also a huge portion.  For the main course I had gnocchi, which I decided I would have as soon as I knew it was on the menu.  I don’t like the baby gnocchi at all, but the real thing is just great.  Yesterday the gnocchi had (I think) been marinated in lemon, or at least tasted heavily of lemon, which has been the theme of a lot of dishes recently, and it was just beautiful.  I had contemplated having a dessert, but was far too full after two filling courses, though I was not too full to polish off some petit four.


The usual jazz band were playing throughout the evening.  I quite like hearing these old classics when we go there, especially when they are played well and with some conviction.  It was a bit on the quiet side, but fortunately there were enough people there to make it seem quite convivial.  It is much more pleasant to be somewhere where you don’t have to shout to be heard by the person next to you.

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Happy Anniversary! Although we're married, Mark and I like to mark our meeting day too.

Your dinner sounds perfect. My stomach is growling now after reading you describe the linguini and the gnocchi (marinated in lemon, by God!).

Thanks very much. It was perfect. Much as we like our regulars, the Lanesborough is spot on for a special occasion.

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