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The Contemplations, Rants & Reminiscences of DavidB327

Something Sensational To Read On The Train

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Irritation of the Day
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Like most people these days I do a lot lf shopping on line, but quite often it’s more convenient to visit the nearest shopping mall.  One might think that living in central London we’d never have a problem buying anything.  Not so.


We recently wanted to get some new towels, and found what we wanted in BHS.  The only problem was that they only had 3 of the size we wanted (in Imperial units about 4ft by 2½ ft).  So the next time we went to the shopping mall we went to BHS to get the 4th towel.  To no avail, as they were out of stock.  They had plenty of the hand towels, and the mega sized bath towels, but none of the medium sized towels which are purchased in larger numbers.


After a couple more fruitless trips we asked a member of staff if they could less us know when there would be some more in stock.  At first we were advised to go to one of the larger stores, but SG pointed out that we would not bother making a trip to either of the large stores just for a towel.  So when SG asked the assistant if he could  order some towels, we were amazed to hear that they don’t have the authority to do that.  Apparently they can only order certain (more expensive) items, and with everything else they can only replenish their stock with what is left after the delivery lorry has visited the more important stores.  This of course inevitably means that they get less of the most popular items, and explains why there was a gap on the shelf where the medium sized towel should have been.


Fortunately we managed to get the towel on the next trip to the shopping mall, but this was a pretty dismal customer experience.