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The Contemplations, Rants & Reminiscences of DavidB327

Something Sensational To Read On The Train

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So the Xmas & New Year holiday is almost at an end, and back to work for me on Monday. This is the first time for years that I’ve been able to truly switch off from work (not for want of trying though). It’s of the utmost importance that I get the chance to spend some ‘quality time’ with SG.
On Christmas day we had dinner as usual at the Conservatory restaurant at the Lanesborough hotel, on Hyde Park Corner (the photography in the previous post was from the previous Christmas). They do cater for vegetarians very well, and we were not disappointed. The only thing wrong was that the complimentary pink champagne did not go well with the Xmas pudding, but I guess that’s on the menu to appeal to the tourists.
On Boxing Day I had my first ever trip to the Opera House at Covent Garden, to see The Nutcracker. We got there early to try to avoid parking problems.   The area around Covent Garden comes (for the most part) under the jurisdiction of Westminster Council, and of course most of the parking spaces are residents only, and even with the blue badge we couldn’t park in these. Still we managed to find a space not to far away. So we had plenty of time to get to the theatre, and have a relaxing drink before the performance.
I’d never actually seen a classical ballet on stage before, though of course I’ve seen plenty on TV. All of my previous trips had been to see modern dance. I had quite a vague idea of the story beforehand, but that didn’t really bother me too much, as I was quite enthralled by the technical ability of the principal and other solo dancers (fortunately I’d managed to get sears near the front of the stalls so I could see reasonably well). Of course the music was wonderful too. It was a wonderful evening, and we’ve both agreed that this will be a Christmas tradition from now on, whenever we’re spending the holiday season in London, through I dare say we’ll be back before then.
What has cast a shadow over this period is the fact that my father had been in hospital, although he was discharged just before Xmas. At first it seemed that he had had a mild stroke, though fortunately he seemed to be getting better. However after numerous scans and assorted tests, it now seems that dad has a tumour in his lung. This will need to be either removed by surgery or radical radiotherapy. It looks as if he’s going to be ok, but of course we can’t help worrying. Mud’s just told me that he has an appointment with the consultant next Thursday regarding the treatment. Sister No 2 and my brother will be going along with mum and dad. Fingers crossed.
I know that this is not life threatening. Nevertheless it is serious, and can’t help worrying about both mum and dad. Although they’ve both ad various ailments in recent years, they have been in reasonable health, and are both pretty active for people in their late 70s.

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Thanks Emma.

He’s still having tests so that the consultant can decide on the most appropriate form of treatment, and we hope a decision will be made on that in a couple of weeks or so. We’re optimistic about the prognosis, but of course everyone (including dad of course) is very worried. My brother and sister no 2 are helping mum to look after him, he’s got plenty of support.

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